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many more photos to come...

A Master Photographer

The B&W's

The Colors

Jack really did not like digital cameras. He owned 2, one for serious work, one for shots 'around the house' of his gardening, the backyard he so loved and the snow that fell on his place in Payson.


 Here you can see him 'working through it', experimenting with light, water, space. In his late 70's Jack was STILL working...just as deligently as he did in his 20's... THAT is the passion of a true artist. He LIVED photography...


After he passed we discovered these digital images (13 shown here, after fish head) on the card that was in his camera. As far as we know the flower... it was the very last photo taken by Jack Stuler... how perfect.  


Jack's photographic 'style' like his signature... unmistakable....

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